Are you looking to stand out from the crowd this prom season? Roll up to the school and wow your date in one of our funny prom suits. Don’t have a date? What girl would be foolish enough to turn you down when your suit is as unique as your Promposal. Or… you could just take yourself to prom because you’ll look so damn good in one of these crazy tuxedos.

The Outfit of Legends
There are endless prom outfits for guys but there is really just one way to go: the OppoSuits way. Do you dare to do things a little different than others? Then these high quality prom suits are perfect for you. Some of the prints are bold and striking but we have classy solid coloured suits as well. The slim fit cut is super stylish, so we are pretty sure all eyes will be on you while wearing one of our high quality prom suits. Expect lots of high fives and first bumps wearing one of these suits!

Get the full suit for one price
Yes, that’s right. The jacket, pants and tie are all in the magical package so you will get the full prom suit delivered, just for one price. It’s simply all you need to outshine all of your classmates at Prom Night.

Machine washable and ironable
Our funny prom suits are made of high quality materials to make sure you can wear them over and over again. That’s why our suits are machine washable and ironable. Please use a cold program (80° Fahrenheit or 30° Celsius) to get your suit fresh and clean. If you see some wrinkles after washing the suit, you can iron them out yourself. Make sure you set the temperature on a low setting.