If you’ve already put your foot down, refusing to wear a normal suit, it’s time to take the next step in crazy suit fashion: cool lapel pins. Looking to spice up your office wardrobe? There’s a pin for that. Going to cheer on your favorite team in style? There’s a pin for that. Trying to make a loud statement at the drab holiday party? There’s a pin for that. Deciding to shoot yourself into space indefinitely? There’s probably a funny pin for that too.

These cool lapel pins are a simple, yet fun way to put a fresh spin on the suit or jacket you’ve been looking to spice up. And don’t stop there! These enamel pins aren’t only meant to decorate your lapels. You can get creative with these colorful accessories! Garnish your backpack, add some hot dogs to your dog’s collar, pin them to unassuming strangers for all we care (they’d probably be happy about it anyway). The possibilities are endless with these funny pins.

But OppoSuits, you might tell us, aren’t pins something girly? Shouldn’t an enamel pin be something I gift my grandma for Mother’s Day? Yes, if you’re a good grandson, but you need to get that gift somewhere else. This line is all about the cool pin, the funny pin, the pin you wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. It’s a surefire way to gain their respect for your sense of fashion but also your unwavering commitment to humor (and pins). So, do you have the classic black, navy, and grey suit? Yes, but with these cool lapel pins, your suit will be anything but generic.