OppoSuits has a wide range of clothing. Including suits for chic occasions, festivals, and all kinds of other parties. Now there are also casual suits for men. The casual suits for men consist of trousers and a blazer. So, without a tie because that makes it so casual!


The casual suits for men now come in three colors, Navy, Gray and Black. These beautiful colors are perfect for any occasion. Wear these beautiful suits to a wedding, where you want to dress chic, but also want to feel comfortable. The men's casual suit is also ideal for work situations where you want to look chic, but you don't want to wear a suit that you can't move in. You can combine the men's casual suit with one of our shirts. For example, you can choose for casual colors such as white or black, or bright colors if you want to stand out a bit more.


The fit of the casual suits for men is a modern fit with a soft woven stretch fabric. The suit is made of 70% polyester, 27% rayon and 3% spandex. This gives you a sleek, professional look, which a good, tailored suit is also known for. Of course, we wouldn't be OppoSuits if we didn't add a splash of color and fun. That's why every suit has a striking printed lining on the inside.


At OppoSuits you can use a comparison tool. When in doubt about different items, you can choose to add them to the tool. When you have added all your favorite items, you go to this tool. In this tool you can see an overview of all your favorite items. Pictures and information about the items are displayed here. Making a choice between all your favorite items has never been so easy! In addition to the comparison tool, there is also a size chart for every clothing item. When you click on your favorite suit, you can see the size chart. This makes it easy to see which size suits you best. If you are in doubt between two different sizes, we advise you to choose the larger of the two. This way you can be sure that the casual suit for men fits like a glove!

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