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St. Paddy's

Button yourselves up boys because OppoSuits is introducing its latest addition to the world of crazy and capricious Christmas suits: men’s Christmas blazers. Some holiday armatures may opt for a baseball cap or a cheery scarf and call it a day, but you’re taking it to the next level with one of our Christmas suit jackets.

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The inspiration for our Christmas jackets came from a need for the casual. We believe that not every occasion warrants an entire suit and tie ensemble. Instead keep things fun yet chill when you throw on a men’s Christmas blazer over whatever your outfit of choice may be, a onesie or a pair of jeans. This high quality, comfortable Christmas suit jacket is the next level of holiday party wear. With festive designs and holiday patterns, you’ll be the life of the party. Trust us, heads will roll when you show up in the height of Christmas fashion. And while your grandma might be mourning the ugly Christmas sweater balled up in the back of your closet, you’ll have to explain to her that you’re moving with the times and your holiday party calls for a snazzy Christmas blazer.

There are a few locations to which you could first premiere your Christmas jacket. An office holiday party is certainly a crowd favorite. If your company doesn’t have waiters toting around trays of cocktail shrimp, then perhaps an entire suit is not the best ensemble to show up in. Instead, if you work in a company that fancies themselves hip, you’ll likely attend the party in jeans and a button-down. So, take that outfit to the next level with the addition of a Christmas suit jacket for a look that’s casual but not too casual. Alternatively, you’re welcome to flex your Christmas blazer muscles anywhere from church to your friend’s holiday ragger. Whether you’re at your family holiday dinner to eating an entire feast in bed while watching Home Alone, look every bit festively fashionable in one of OppoSuit’s men’s Christmas blazers.