Summer Suits

It’s no secret that the best parties are during the summer, and it's also no secret that in the summer you're supposed to wear shorts. That’s why we came up with this collection of stylish and happy summer suits. A collection of short-sleeved suits with colorful and tropical prints.

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Summer suits for the win!

Our short suits come in a complete package with a short-sleeved jacket, shorts, and a tie. They’re perfect for making you look truly tropical at your favorite pool or beach party. Wearing a short suit not only makes you look amazing, but it's also a great opportunity to keep a professional look at the beach. Pick out your favorite color or pattern, get off your phone, and enjoy the sunshine in a summer suit from OppoSuits.

What to look for in a summer suit?

We probably don't have to tell you suits, in general, are an essential component in the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. But summer suits are a completely different story. As our short-sleeved suits are made of open woven polyester, it's light-weighted and provides for more airflow. Actually everything you need to perform a cool appearance during the months where the thermometer hits double digits!

Versatile designs for any occasion

Yes, with multiple different designs we got every (bold) style covered to complete your summer wardrobe. With a collection of five recently launched tropical summer suits, we got your back to be the best-dressed man at every beach party this summer. Feeling like wearing our most popular Christmas designs this summer? Excellent choice! We have two Christmas themed summer suits for those who want to celebrate Christmas in July this year! Speaking about July, we obviously can't ignore the 4th of July. As we already ordered great weather all over the country it's safe to say one of our American Flag summer suits are the best buy right now. These summer suits seem to be a great hit at festivals as well, so expect fist bumps and high-fives when wearing one!

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