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OppoSuits, where style and fun come together to make your evenings unforgettable! Dive into the world of refined elegance with a breathtaking smoking jacket. Whether you are looking for a smoking jacket for men, women, teenagers, or children, we have the perfect jacket that will make your evening shine. Discover our collection and be enchanted by the unique style that OppoSuits has to offer.

Elegant class for every occasion

Step into the spotlight of style with our wide smoking jacket collection. Whether it's a chic dinner, a wedding, or a party, OppoSuits has the perfect blazer to make you shine. Our smoking jackets combine classic cuts with bold colors and patterns, allowing you to make a statement without words. Choose a timeless black blazer such as the Dinner Jacket – Jet Set Black or a daring choice such as the golden Dinner Jacket. The smoking jackets from OppoSuits take your look to a higher level, so that you can experience every occasion in style.

Ladies smoking jacket

Ladies, shine in style with our tailor-made smoking jackets that add a touch of glamor to any occasion. Our collection for women combines the classic elegance of a blazer with the signature OppoSuits flair. Go for a slim cut in timeless black, such as the Womens Dinner Jacket – Black. Or choose the beautiful red Womens Dinner Jacket – Burgundy, for a look that stands out even more. OppoSuits ensures that you enter the evening as a true fashionista, ready to impress with your unique style. You can combine the smoking jacket with trousers and a blouse for a chic look. You can of course also choose to wear the blazer with jeans, so this outfit is also suitable for a casual evening!

Young trendsetters

OppoSuits has also designed a beautiful smoking jacket for teenagers and children. This way you can match with your friends or family. From school functions to family gatherings, our teen and children's collection offers a range of stylish options. Shine in a beautiful green blazer, such as the Dinner Jacket – Rich Green for teenagers or for your smaller boy. OppoSuits ensures that the younger generation can also shine in style and with self-confidence.


At OppoSuits we believe in the power of individuality. The smoking jacket is designed with versatility in mind, so you can combine endlessly and create your unique look. Mix and match with our extensive collection of shirts, ties, and accessories to create an outfit that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the evening. OppoSuits is not just about wearing a smoking jacket; it's about embracing your unique style and shining brightly on every occasion.

Comfort and style

At OppoSuits, comfort is just as high on the agenda as style. The smoking jacket is made of high-quality materials that provide a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. Dance the night away, enjoy an extensive dinner or make a statement during a special occasion, all while enjoying the comfort that OppoSuits has to offer. Because why should you have to choose between style and comfort when you can have both?

A stylish evening

Whether you are a gentleman looking for timeless class, a lady who wants to shine in glamor, or a teenager or child taking his or her first steps into the world of style, OppoSuits has the perfect smoking jacket for you. Step into the light of style and experience every occasion in OppoSuits' unique flair. Let your personality shine and embrace the versatility of our collection. At OppoSuits we believe that every evening can be a special evening, and with our smoking jackets you are ready to embrace those special moments in style!

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