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At OppoSuits, we always want to make sure that there is something for everyone. Here you can see our current collection of licensed clothing. You can choose the impressive The Joker blazer that will steal the show. The laughing artwork covers the entire blazer with the pink color and the cool print. You can also be in the spotlight with the bright SpongeBob Pink summer set, or go for a magical look with the Harry Potter suit. You can look at all the different options and you can choose a suitable outfit for that special Carnival, Halloween, or theme party.


Many people have started gaming on Nintendo since they were young. There are so many different types of games released from Super Mario, and that is also the reason why so many people know it. How nice is it, that in addition to playing the Super Mario games, you can also wear licensed clothing from it. At OppoSuits you can find a lot of licensed clothing with a Super Mario print, for men, women, and children. This way you can steal the show in the awesome Super Mario suit, with prints of all the different characters from the game. Go bananas for this crazy red Donkey Kong short sleeve shirt, or choose the Super Mario Icons short sleeve shirt with all the different characters of the game in mini.


Pokémon is also a real favorite among the people who watch(ed) cartoons. From a young to old age, everyone knows it. How nice is it to wear licensed clothing with the imprint of such a nostalgically beloved program? Wear the Pixel Pokémon long-sleeved shirt to a fun-themed party. This shirt is incredibly comfortable, can be washed in the washing machine and is easy to iron at a low temperature. In the summer, opt for a summer set such as the Pika Pikachu set, which is a combination between an exciting cool design and a summer fit.


PAC-MAN is also a very well-known game for most people, isn’t it great that licensed clothing can also be found here? In addition to the PAC-MAN clothing for both young and old, and both men and women, OppoSuits has a face mask with a great PAC-MAN print. This PAC-MAN face mask will amaze your friends and you can even wash the face mask in the washing machine. You will stand out with the Madam PAC-MAN suit. The suits consist of a nice blazer and a pencil skirt. That way you will shine during that theme party or just at your work.


OppoSuits licensed clothing comes in different shapes and sizes. There are sweaters from different brands with small print. You can also opt for loose shirts, with both short and long sleeves. You could possibly combine these loose shirts with loose blazers, which are also available from many different brands. In addition to all individual items of clothing, there are also complete suits, summer suits, and summer sets for sale. This licensed clothing is available for men, women, and children.


Are you looking for clothing with prints of your favorite brands? Then the licensed clothing from OppoSuits is perfect for you! Brands from PAC-MAN, Harry Potter, and Warner Bros, for everyone there is something different that you will like. If you are not sure which size suits you best, you can use the size chart. If you doubt about two different sizes and do not know which one is the perfect fit for you? We advise you to pick the larger of the two.