The decorations are going up, the radios are starting to play the jingles, and the time has come for you to secure one of our festive Christmas outfits. With our collection of Christmas outfits for men and Christmas outfits for women there’s an ensemble for everyone to celebrate the holiday in style!

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Christmas in a Suit

When it comes to dressing for the holidays there seems to be some confusion. Can you get away with going totally casual? Do you need to dress super formal (bow-tie and top-hat included?) Should you try to define business casual and then build an outfit around that? We’re here to diffuse the confusion in the air with our collection of Christmas party outfits. Our Christmas suits are the simple solution to the perfect holiday attire. With the most festive designs and Christmas themes these suits are the made for the confused dresser. We believe in go big or go home and these suits don’t give you the option to do anything other than go big. Whether you decide to rock our Christmas outfits for men or decide to channel you inner Mrs. Clause with our Christmas outfits for women for the ultimate Christmas experience.

The Right Time and Place

The beauty of our Christmas party outfits is their ability to traverse the line between formal and fun. Wear this ensemble to the office and wow your co-workers with your commitment to the holiday aesthetic. Then debut it at your family’s Christmas dinner to give your siblings a good laugh. Conversely, get a whole group of friends to dress up in these Christmas party outfits and take on the town looking like the most festive performance since Tim Allen in The Santa Clause. Or, if you’re really feeling lucky, wear one of these Christmas outfits on a first date… extra points if you meet the parents dressed with little snowmen on your jacket.

Our Festive Collection:

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the Christmas outfits for men and Christmas outfits for women:

Dapper Decorator: If you ever wished to cover yourself in wrapping paper and give yourself as a present, this men’s Christmas suit will give you that and more. The red design is undeniably Christmas, while the creative Santa and Candy Cane caricatures give this Christmas outfit a warm and familiar cheer.

Nordic Noel: If you’re a fan of the Christmas sweater, but hate the scratch of wool, this men’s Christmas suit is exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll be channeling your childhood of itchy sweaters while enjoying the comfort and suave of one of our festive Christmas suits.

Christmiss: This bright red Christmas suit for women is a sure way to show your love for the holiday season. Whether you want to wear it yourself or gift it to a friend, the tiny Christmas trees and snowmen are timeless staples of the festive season.

Lumberjackie: At the end of the day you know you’re going to decorate the tree, therefore this Christmas suit for women reminds us who the real lumberjack(ies) are. With a classic design and perfect fit, you can’t go wrong in this Christmas party outfit.