Are you looking to stand out from the crowd this homecoming season? Roll up in one of our homecoming suits or tuxedos. We have unique homecoming suits to fit the personality of everyone. Get your whole homecoming group to rock a different OppoSuits suit, to make sure that you and your friends are the talk of the town on Monday.

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The outfit of legends
There are endless homecoming outfits for guys but there is really just one way to go: the OppoSuits way. Do you dare to do things a little differently than others? Then these high-quality homecoming suits are perfect for you. Some of the prints are bold and striking but we have classy solid colored suits as well. The slim fit cut is super stylish, so we are pretty sure all eyes will be on you while wearing one of our high-quality homecoming suits. Expect lots of high fives and fist bumps wearing one of our homecoming suits! And don't be surprised if you get nominated for the homecoming court, 'cause you will look like a true king in one of these suits.

High-quality crazy homecoming suits
Our stylish homecoming suits come as a complete set: with matching pants, jacket, and tie (tuxedos with a bow tie). They’re made of high-quality fabric, are fully lined and can be worn over and over again. The suits are even machine washable, so it’s an investment that will pay for itself in no time at all.

Fun & style combined
Also, our unique homecoming suits offer the chance to show your sense of style and humor at the same time. The fun prints and colors and the stylish modern slim fit cut are the ideal combination for every man who doesn’t take himself too seriously but still wants to look good. So maybe it’s not official, but your classmates and date will definitely approve!

Machine washable & ironable homecoming suits
Our stylish homecoming suits are made of high-quality materials to make sure you can wear them over and over again. That’s why our suits are machine washable and ironable. Please use a cold program (80° Fahrenheit or 30° Celsius) to get your suit fresh and clean. If you see some wrinkles after washing the suit, you can iron them out yourself. Make sure you set the temperature on a low setting.