We at OppoSuits have taken the Christmas outfit game to a whole new level with this collection of men’s Christmas suits with all over prints. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we could all use a little more fun in our formal wear — and what’s more fun than these wonderful holiday suits? It’s simply all you need when you like to mix a colorful appearance with quality and style.

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Fun & stylish
Are you a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters, because you like the patterns and fun of it? Good news: these ugly Christmas suits offer the same (or even more) fun and make you look sophisticated at the same time – just like a regular (boring) suit would do. So don’t be surprised if Santa gives you extra presents because he likes your holiday suit so much.

Stand out during the season
Wearing one of these suits will definitely make you the shining star of all your Christmas related occasions, from Christmas dinners to the office party. We’re pretty sure the whole family (in law) will like your outfit so much that you’ll get away with spending less hours in the kitchen. And you will probably win the best-dressed award at the company’s Christmas party. Or of course you could suit up the whole department to make an everlasting impression on your other co-workers.

Jacket, pants and tie
The men’s Christmas suits come as full outfits; the jacket, pants and tie are all in the package. You can choose from a wide range of flavors; from Star Wars Christmas suits to suits with granny’s old quilt print. You name it, we have it. And whether you choose the boldest or a more basic one, they all can be combined endlessly. For example: wear one of our solid colored shirts under it to make it even more colorful and festive. Or add some nice pins to your outfit to get completely decked out in Christmas style.

Modern fit
Our suits have a stylish slim fit cut to flatter your body and create a young look. It will make you appear taller and create a very sharp silhouette. By choosing the right size, any man will look good in our slim fit suits! Learn more about our sizing in our size chart.

High quality
The quality of the products is very important to us. That’s why all our suits are made of quality materials with additional practical features for the wearer to make sure the suits have a stylish and comfortable fit. They have full lining, genuine pockets, buttons and belt loops. And by the way, these suits are also machine washable, so don’t you worry about a stain or two. Just enjoy your Christmas dinner and wash it easily afterwards!

Suit up the whole family
Behind every great man there's a great woman, they say. For all the ladies out there who like to dress up differently this holiday season, check out our Women's Christmas Suits. You can also suit up the whole family with these fun clothes, because we offer a Christmas collection for the little ones as well; take a look at our Boys’ and Teen Boys’ Christmas suits. You’ll be totally on trend while rocking the same outfits, because ‘twinning is winning’ they say! Would be a cute picture to print on a Christmas card, right?

Great as a present
Are you looking for the best Christmas present for a special person? These outfits are not only fun to wear yourself but also a very nice Christmas gift! Success guaranteed.

Yep, all you want for Christmas is one of these suits. Just make your wish come true!