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St. Paddy's
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St. Paddy's

We’ve noticed that the blazer isn’t the most accessible product in the world? On the contrary, at OppoSuits we’re excited to give our customers a chance to indulge in a product once reserved only for people who matched their glasses to their shoe laces: our OppoSuits blazers.

As masters of the suit, we took it upon ourselves to design something slightly more low-key, but still containing as much character as our crazy suits. Not every occasion calls for the average man to suit up in an entire pants, jacket, and tie ensemble. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to focus simply on the blazer, which gives the wearer more independence when choosing an outfit. With attention to detail, fit, and design, we’ve struck the perfect balance between fun and formal when it comes to adding a bit of flair to your outfit with one of our blazers for men. Whether you’re looking for a wild Christmas themed accessory, or a spooky addition to a Halloween party outfit, you’ll be sure to find your match with one of our crazy blazers.

Adding some cheer to your holiday, or some excitement to your night out on the town doesn’t have to be a painstaking affair. Sometimes a simply clothing swap can do the trick. That’s why we’re urging you to hang up your boring black blazer for good and shrug on one of our crazy blazers perfect for any holiday, occasion, or event. It doesn’t matter if you end up wearing this blazer over suit pants or sweat pants, let the jacket speak for itself as it adds a layer of fun to your outfit.

To prove to you the versatility out line of blazers brings to your wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of all the places you could potentially wear it to:

  1. A first date: Nothing says getting to know someone quite like wearing your heart on your sleeve, and if your heart is all about that Christmas spirit, you’ve got to wear one of our festive Christmas blazers.

  2. To walk you dog: If we’re going to go along with the theory that the street is your runway then you’d better be busting out one of our blazers for men when you do something as mundane as taking your dog for a walk!

  3. When your sister gives birth: nothing says making a first good impression like dressing to the nines, so if you want your new niece or nephew to really take a liking to you, get their attention with the crazy colors and designs of our blazers for men.