Now, we’re not saying that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but if there were, we’re pretty sure that it would be a treasure chest full of St. Patrick’s Day suits, because these outfits are pure gold!

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  2. Multicolor
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Be fresh, no matter what
Once you’re fitted into one of these suits, you’ll know the luck of the Irish is on your side (even if you already claim to be 1/45 Irish on your mom’s side.) No one will be able to question your Irish-ness with this Saint Patrick’s Day outfit! We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to match your Irish friends drink for drink, but we can guarantee you’ll still be looking fresh even when they peel you off the bar floor later that night.

What is it all about?
At the end of it all, what’s St. Patrick’s Day really about? Hanging with the guys, celebrating a heritage you don’t have, wearing a St. Patrick’s Day suit, and embracing your new self-proclaimed title as “Leprechaun Luchador” while you get up on the table trying to impress that girl who was sitting next to you.

*Disclaimer: We at OppoSuits advise you to keep it green and keep it clean this St. Patrick’s Day but we’re not judging if you try to bust out some river dance moves… nah, we’re totally judging and so is every other person at the bar looking at you funny. So, when the video of you making a fool of yourself surfaces on Facebook and you can’t show your face in society anymore, just know we warned you (and be happy you at least looked good in your St. Patrick’s Day outfit).