What is OppoSuits?

We at OppoSuits create extremely outrageous yet stylish suits for gents in a well-fitted design. Our suits are the exact opposite of regular business suits (apart from the quality and the fitting) and are made out of a ridiculous and unusual patterns in a well-fitted design. The high quality fabric similar to proper ‘boring’ suits enables you to wear our suits over and over again, so please don’t think it’s some sort of a disposable fancy dress costume. Being worn to be wild, our suits are extremely suitable for business meetings (yeah right...), bachelor parties, weddings, theme parties, festivals and sporting events. OppoSuits comprise a 3-piece set consisting: jacket, pants and tie.

Can you re-use suits from OppoSuits?

Definitely, this is NOT some sort of a disposable costume. Our suits are made of high-quality suit fabric as you would expect of any other proper (but boring) suit. You will be positively surprised by the quality. Therefore, the suits will last a long time enabling you to wear it plenty of times which is probably needed assuming you like to have a good time.

There are a couple of wrinkles in my suit - what to do?

The advantage of the fabric used in our suits is that it doesn't crease quickly. However, when some creases have appeared after wearing it, we recommend taking your suit to a dry cleaner. The hardcore DIY anti-wrinkle specialists amongst us know that you can also try hanging up a suit in the bathroom for at least 15 minutes after you have turned on the shower at a high temperature. The steam should help getting rid of some of the wrinkles. Our suits may be ironed carefully, but please make sure you iron at the lowest possible temperature.

How can I get rid of these mysterious stains on my suit?

Our products can be washed in the washing machine however only at a cold programme (30C). However, we do recommend taking it to a dry cleaner from time to time. We suggest you try and negotiate a discount by arguing that our suits create a more pleasant working environment for the people that work there...

How will your products be sent to me?

Your suit will be delivered in a slick looking, branded box. Making sure that your suit is delivered in a good condition is important to us, hence why we have selected a delivery box with sufficient space to protect the suit against wrinkles and fold lines. Unfortunately, the box will not fit through the letter box and will therefore be delivered as a parcel. A signature is not required upon delivery, but we still recommend putting down a delivery address where someone is present during office hours, for example your work address. Click here for more information on delivery and returns.

I live outside the USA - can I still order from OppoSuits?

Of course! Even though we have OppoSuits distribution centres in the USA, we deliver around the world as everyone wants to be 'mental'. For countries outside of the USA, there will be extra costs to deliver it to your doorstep however according to our calculations, this will still be cheaper then picking one up by plane yourself. Please do bear in mind though that if you live outside of the USA that your local customs could possibly charge you import duties in some cases.

Can I buy the pants, the jacket or the tie separately?

NO! You wouldn't just buy a dustpan without the brush either, would you? Besides, we would have to change the name of OppoSuits into OppoJackets, OppoPants and OppoTies. No, we at OppoSuits only do the whole shebang and not some sloppy service. This means you will get delivered a full suit including tie for a ridiculously affordable price. If you really think that the jacket, the pants and the tie all together is just a bit too much for you, then we'll ask you to leave this website asap by clicking on the little cross-symbol top right (Windows) or top left (Mac) and continue your day as usual.

My pants are just a bit too long - what to do?

Pants from OppoSuits are slightly longer in length than your usual suit. This has been done on purpose so that the pants look better with trainers and other casual footwear. The extra length can easily be shortened by your local tailor or granny with suit shortening skills in case you find the pants too long.

What size do I need?

Click here for more information on sizes and measurements.

I have received my suit, but it doesn't fit?

If the pants are the problem that the suit doesn't fit, then you may be able to solve the problem yourself because the design allows for your local tailor or laundry store to adjust the waistband and side seams 2 sizes either way. So if you need the pants to be taken in or need a little extra added, you may be able to get this done in your local area at a minimal cost.

If this doesn't help, we will replace your OppoSuit with the right size. Click here for more information on delivery and returns.

How sustainable is OppoSuits or its Corporate Social Responsibility?

Our suits are made in a very professional factory by the worlds best suit makers. Their kids go to the local tailor school and do not work in the factory. New OppoSuits designs are tested in a secret lab by bearded men in long, white coats. Despite the temptation, we have specifically chosen to avoid testing our product on animals resulting in being one of the rare apparel companies producing animal testing free products.

How often do you get new designs / patterns within your collection of suits?

We aim to increase our range of suits rapidly creating a large collection of designs so that it will be difficult for you to pick your favourite one. If you would like to get updated on new designs, please like us on Facebook and register for our newsletter by submitting your email address bottom right of this page. Through Facebook we will also be creating polls and ask for feedback on new designs and if you would like to suggest a new design, please feel free to place a link or image on our Facebook wall.

Can I give away a suit as a present to someone?

You should do! Click here for more info on our Gift Card with which the lucky bugger can pick his favourite design and the right size himself. Leave that cheesy pressie on the shelf this time around and surprise your buddy, boss, boyfriend, husband, son, dad, cousin or granddad with something completely new and unique!

Is it possible to order a suit with a custom made design?

Actually you’re not the first one who came up with the idea to order a custom made design after seeing our suits. Of course there are possibilities, but you would have to gather a lot of friends because the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces. If this is no problem for you and if you have some questions left, please contact us via mailto:[email protected]