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The Jag

‘The jaguar (Panthera onca) is a big cat and the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion. This spotted cat most closely resembles the leopard physically, although it is usually larger and of sturdier build. The jaguar's present range extends from Southern United States and Mexico across much of Central America.’ Well, you don’t have to travel all the way to these places anymore to see one because from now on, The Jag can be spotted in ‘concrete jungles’ too. Wildlife and animal-themed parties/festivals are the favorite hang-outs for The Jag. This OppoSuit, which includes the tie, really is a classic and the quality of the suit ensures you can wear it over and over again.



  • - 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back OR return to get a replacement suit when the size is not right 


  • - Returns within 14 days after receiving your suit


  • - We can only accept returned suits (jacket, pants and the tie) that are unworn and unsoiled


  • - Click here for more information on returns


  • - Fast delivery in the US (2 to 6 days).

  • - We try our best to ship OppoSuits the same day if ordered before 3pm EST on a business day, but we cannot guarantee this. However, we guarantee shipment the following business day. 
  • - A signature upon delivery is required so please make sure someone is able to sign for it at the delivery address (you therefore may want to use your work address as your delivery address)
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Sizes and Measurements

Our suits are available in the standard US suit sizes ranging from 36 to 52. However, we strongly advise you to take some time in order to measure yourself, or have someone else measure you up to ensure you get the correct size. Holding your breath whilst wearing a OppoSuit is an option, but far from ideal.


PLEASE NOTE: OppoSuits have a slim-fit design. When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend you to pick the larger size of the two.

US Size 

Chest size

for the jacket

Lower waist size

for the pants

Inside leg


< 38"

< 33.5"

< 32.5"


< 40"

< 34.5"

< 33"


< 41.5"

< 35"

< 33.5"


< 43"

< 36"

< 34"


< 44.5"

< 37.5"

< 34.5"


< 46.5"

< 39"

< 34.5"


< 48.5"

< 41"

< 35" 


< 51"

< 43"

< 35" 


< 53"

< 44.5"

< 35" 


Identifying your chest size should be achieved by measuring at the widest part of your chest with a tape measure.


Measuring up your lower waist size is the most important part as it is essential to get the right size pants. Whilst a jacket often fits, it is a bit of a problem when you can’t get into your pants! Please measure your waist around the part where you normally wear suit pants, just three fingers below the height of your belly button.


For the inside leg size, let someone (preferably a woman... because they are more precise) measure you from the highest point from the inside of your leg down to where your heel hits the floor. Do this with your legs slightly apart, and do not wear shoes while doing this. If your chest size falls into a different size category compared to your waist, then we strongly recommend you to go for the size that fits your waist best. Once you have your measurements, please compare against the table above to identify the correct size.



OppoSuits pants are slightly longer in length than your usual suit. This has been done on purpose so that the pants looks better with trainers and other casual footwear. The extra length can easily be shortened by your local dry cleaners or granny with suit shortening skills in case you find the pants too long.